10/100 Ethernet Cisco 3660 6-slot Modular Router Cisco 3660

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The Cisco® 3660 series leverages the multi-service architecture of the Cisco 2600 and 3600 series platforms, extending those capabilities for use in larger branch office applications or for telco-managed services as customer premise equipment.
The Cisco 3660 has the versatility to support today’s branch and enterprise requirements for data, voice, video, and hybrid dial access applications, and the high speed connectivity necessary to support the increased bandwidth needs for multi-service applications.
The modular chassis of the Cisco 3660 series is designed with high availability and field service simplicity in mind, making it a robust yet highly cost effective element in the network over which to deploy mission critical applications.
The Cisco 3660 series provides unprecedented versatility with a broad range of available network modules and extensive flexibility with a variety of configurable options for customer-specific applications.
The Cisco 3660 series uses the same network modules that are available today on the Cisco 1600/1700/2600/3600 multi-service platforms—used for protecting customer investment and streamlining operations costs associated with sparing of parts, and for training. Distinguishing features of the Cisco 3660 series include integrated power redundancy and module hot swap capabilities, which provide higher product availability for mission-critical applications.
The integrated ports on the motherboard of the Cisco 3660 series free up all six network module slots to enable higher densities of LAN/WAN or multi-service aggregation. The additional slots of the Cisco 3660 series combined with the expanding capabilities of enhanced network modules enable new business applications, such as higher densities of packetized voice aggregation and branch office ATM access ranging from T1/E1 Inverse Multiplexing for ATM to OC-3 speeds.