Alpine 3804 5 slot chassis (with fan tray) 45040

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Overview: TThe Alpine 3800 chassis switches are ideally suited for delivering broadband IP services to metropolitan area networks (MANs), service provider and enterprise data centers, multi-tenant buildings and enterprise wiring closets. The Alpine platform provides total Ethernet coverage with support for both standard Category 5 and fiber optic media as well as first mile technologies that extend the reach of Ethernet over VDSL and legacy WAN technologies. The Alpine 3804 has five slots, The power supply unit of the Alpine 3804 switch is hot swappable and interchangeable, and has its own hot swappable fan tray.Specifications:


Alpine 3804 Dimensions: (H) 10.5 in x (W) 17.32 in x (D) 15.53 in (H) 26.65 cm x (W) 43.99 cm x (D) 39.42 cm


  • Fully redundant load-sharing power supplies
  • NEBS Level 3 compliant
  • Wire-speed IP/IPX routing using RIP v1/v2 OSPF, BGP4, PIM and DVMRP
  • Bidirectional rate shaping to provision and manage bandwidth by the slice from 500Kbps to 1Gbps
  • Built-in link redundancy offers active and backup data paths
  • Extreme Standby Router Protocol (ESRP) provides Layer 2 and Layer 3 redundancy for smart, ultra-fast failover to a default router or switch
  • Integrated server load balancing at wire speed greatly increases availability
  • Integrated transparent web cache redirection at wire speed optimizes the use of bandwidth
  • OSPF equal-cost multipath routing distributes traffic across multiple high bandwidth links
  • Policy-Based QoS at wire speed to allocate bandwidth, and prioritize traffic
  • Access Control Lists can be linked to a class of service, while performing Layer 1-4 packet-level security and controlling traffic flows — all at wire-speed
  • RADIUS offers authentication and centralized control over all enterprise users
  • Extreme Standby Router Protocol (ESRP!”) for ultra-fast fail-over
  • Secure Shell (SSH2) encrypts remote telnet management connections applications across the network